Following the success of the last three studio albums, FS1E have released ‘IV’ an EP with four new tracks.

Their musical style has been dubbed by one blogger as a “dizzy-making Post-Brit-Pop-Prog-Punk” – but make of FS1E’s style as you will, their songs will stay with you long after the pundits, who keep trying to pigeon-hole them, have ceased to exist in the real world and are lurking about in the genre-wasteland trying to pin names onto sound-bites.

FS1E are on a musical journey – so buckle up for the ride!

FS1E are (left to right):
Hugh Brenham: Drums and Vocals.
Tim Fisher: Bass and Vocals.
Dennis Daly: Guitars and Vocals.

FS1E band photo 800px

FS1E Band image